Appetizers & Starters

  • Onion Rings $8

    Hand tossed battered onions with house seasonings.

  • Soup $8

    Ask your waiter for our soup of the day.

  • Tempura Seafood $12

    Scallop, shrimp in Tempura batter fried with oriental sauce.

  • Scallop Bacon Roll and Shrimp $16

    Scallops grilled and rolled with bacon, served with a decadent sweet honey mustard sauce.

  • Calamari Appetizer $12

    Bear battered calamari rings seasoned to perfection, fried with love.

  • Ceviche of the Seas $12

    Fish picante with cilantro and Madame Jeanette “tempera”.

  • Crocodile-Fritters

    Crocodile Fritters $14

    Caribbean seasoned, beer battered conch, and a piquant sauce that “bites”.

  • Coconut-Shrimp

    Coconut Shrimp $15

    Caribbean seasoned shrimp tossed with a coconut-shredded batter.


    Na-Cho Mama (Chef’s Favorite) $10

    With WAKAmole, melted cheese, Pico de Gallo, refried black beans, ground beef and a touch of soul.

  • Funchi_1

    Funchi $6

    Aruban tradition fried polenta with cheese.

  • Cheetah-Chips_2

    Cheetah Chips $6

    Crunchy flash fried plantains with tangy Thai peanut sauce. Order them quickly as they always “go fast”!

Meat, Chicken & Lamb

  • Churrasco One Pounder $34

    Juicy 16 oz tenderloin tail cooked served with fresh veggies, a decadent chimichurri sauce and a side of yellow rice.

  • Grilled “Big Game” $15

    8 oz hamburger with “LTO” & fries with cheddar cheese.

  • Filet Mignon $22

    8 oz tenderloin with mango béarnaise & chimichurri.

  • Rib Eye Steak $33

    Succulent 14 oz USDA Choice Angus Beef with fresh handpicked vegetables and a side of Tiger rice.

  • Machi-Betti

    Grandma’s BBQ Platter “Original local Recipe” $16

    Rated #1 Barbeque combo platter in Aruba! Chicken, Ribs, Tiger rice and Congo coleslaw.

  • ultimate-ribs3

    Ultimate Ribs $26

    “Original local recipe” is rated #1 in Aruba. Our full rack is for the big eater, with dry Mozambique rub, lightly glazed with plenty of sauce on the side served with Congo coleslaw and Tiger rice.

  • Big Beef Skewer

    Big Beef Skewer $22

    Filet mignon with red and green peppers, cherry tomatoes, mushroom, onions and served with Tiger rice and chimichurri.

  • Machi-Betti

    “Machi Betti’s” $15

    Arroz con pollo, wings with Creole peanut sauce like only grandma makes with Cucumber & sweet plantains.

  • Waka-Waka-Lamb-Chop

    Waka Waka Lamb Chop $32

    New Zealand lamb chop, laid overnight in a secret marinade and grilled to perfection, 4 pc 8 pc...................................$52


  • Beef and Shrimp $28

    The combination of our juicy grilled tenderloin and jumbo Tiger shrimps is a fusion of flavors and feast to your mouth.

  • South-African-Rrock-Lobster-Tail

    South African rock lobster tail $39

    “Marvin’s favorite” (8 oz) with melted butter served with Tiger rice and mixed vegetables.

  • Surf-and-Turf

    Surf and Turf $ 33

    Filet mignon and Lobster tail,
    4 oz filet mignon – 4 oz lobster tail. $33
    8 oz lobster tail – 4 oz filet mignon. $51
    8 oz filet mignon – 4 oz lobster tail. $39
    8 oz lobster tail – 8 oz filet mignon. $66

  • Shrimp-Skewer

    Shrimp Skewer $19

    This is another local recipe made fresh from Machi Betty’s kitchen, with fresh herbs and tomato salsa or with our traditional garlic sauce.

  • Catch-of-the-day

    Fresh from the Sea, Catch of the day $20

    Catch of the day Creole style, island’s favorite local fresh fish with Pan Bati (Aruban pancake), creole or garlic sauce.

  • Coconut-Shrimp-Dish

    Coconut Shrimp Dish $24

    A generous portion of succulent jumbo shrimps served with fresh vegetables, banana mayo and side of yellow rice.


  • Fuccili Ricardi $12

    Market veggies marinated to perfection served with Fuccili pasta.

  • Oriental Sautéed Veggies $15

    Mixed vegetable marinated in an oriental seasoning, sautéed to perfection, and served with toast and a nice Tiger rice.

Wild Side Orders

  • Pan Bati (Aruban pancake) $3

  • Sweet plantains $4

  • Safari fries $4

  • Tiger rice $3

  • Tropical Congo coleslaw $4

  • Funchi $4

Fresh Safari Salads

  • Grilled and Chilled Chicken Salad $14

    With peanut rice wine vinaigrette, mandarin oranges, water chestnuts & crunchy noodles.

  • rib-salad

    Waka Waka Signature Rib Salad $10

    Hand tossed mix leafy lettuce top with our signature BBQ Ribs.

  • Caesar Salad $8

    Traditional Caesar with lemon Parmesan anchovy dressing tossed with fresh croutons. Or with grilled and chilled boneless chicken thighs. $11
    Add on 3 pc shrimp kebab. $13